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The Historyteller

The Historyteller is a collection of novelized stories about key episodes of our past: discoveries, battles, inventions, ideas, individual feats and collective deeds that managed to twist the arm of history, overcome its inertia and change the course of events. To know them is to understand our present.
In each volume of The Historyteller, you will find five episodes, one per historical period: Prehistory, Antiquity, The Middle Ages, The Modern Era and The Contemporary Era... Leer más
An Inward Journey Babelcube Fran Zabaleta 900

An Inward Journey

Do I really know my own country?
That's what I asked myself a year ago ... and the answer surprised me. Yes, I had been to many locations. I was very familiar with the outer edges of the peninsula, but the interior was a huge black hole pierced here and there by the lights of some city.
So I set out to remedy it.
I bought a van adapted as a home and I went to explore the interior of Spain. For eighty days I visited villages, castles, natural parks and archaeological sites, talked with people, researched a thousand stories and looked out into a world that was curiously familiar and, at the same time, completely unknown. Leer más